Construction "As Built" Drawings: What Are They?

Several commercial building construction companies use 'as built' drawings to track the progress and the deviations from the original plans during the construction process. These drawings are essential for every renovation, maintenance, or new construction project. However, several people refer to these drawings as "as builds"; whereas the correct term is "as built". You must know the usage of as built drawings, what information they contain, and how they are created.

Below, we have talked about as built drawings in detail.

What are as built drawings used for?

Detailed plans are essential for the success of any building or construction project. Several features are likely to change throughout the project due to the obstacles with respect to the site, governmental agencies, rules, and materials. As built drawings record these changes and accurately represent the building in its current state.

These drawings are used for multiple projects including:

  • New construction: When constructing a new building, you are likely to face challenges, and you will have to adapt to those challenges as a response. As a result, you may have to divert from your original building plan. As built drawings record the changes so that an accurate drawing of the building exists.
  • Renovation projects: Before you begin a renovation project, you must thoroughly understand the existing building. For this, you will need up-to-date drawings, enhancing the renovation process's efficiency.
  • Building maintenance: Your building will demand some changes and improvements over the course. You must update the drawings to reflect these changes so that an accurate representation of the building exists.

What is included in as built drawings?

Complete as built drawings include the following elements:

  • Locations: As built drawings record all changes regarding the location of doors, plumbing, millwork, window casings, and other features.
  • Materials: If there is any difference in the materials used compared to the original plan, as built drawings record these.
  • Dimensions: As built drawings have any and all alterations made to the dimensions of the building elements.
  • Fabrications: As built drawings have all the modifications with respect to fabrications, like columns, beams, and handrails.
  • Installations: As built drawings have specific updates about building features installation, like HVAC.

Aside from these, as built drawings can also incorporate supplementary documents, including written notes, satellite imagery, or other photographs.

How are as built drawings created?

You can create as built drawings using construction technology software like AutoCAD, which allows everyone working on the project to access the drawings. Usually, the general contractor in Arkansas creates and updates the drawings as they are stationed on-site during the entire construction process.

While creating as built drawings, keep the following process in mind:

  • Color coding: As built drawings follow a standard color code with green for added items, blue for special information, and red for deleted times.
  • Scale: Follow the same scale and proportions as the original plan while making any modifications to drawings.
  • Dates: Note down the dates for every modification and attach supplementary documents if necessary.
  • Obstacles: You must jot down all obstacles you encounter, be it due to government rules and regulations or anything else.
  • Physical features: Note down all changes made with respect to elevations, grades, or other physical features.
  • Underground utilities: Write down the exact locations of underground utilities installed during the construction.

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