Top 10 Trends in the Construction Industry to Watch in 2022

After two long years of changing expectations and adjusting to the forecasts, people expect 2022 to be a year of growth for the construction industry. However, rising costs and labor shortage are challenging the industry participants to bring new ideas to the table while adhering to all the regulations.

Below, we have listed the top 10 construction industry trends in 2022!

  1. Protective Equipment- The pandemic has significantly affected the construction industry regarding stricter protocols and regulations pertaining to safety and cleanliness. Moreover, new machines are being developed to identify and eliminate common safety issues. For instance, there are boots that you can connect to Wi-Fi and receive alerts if the person has fallen. Environmental sensors are also gaining popularity as they detect noise, heat, and wind and warn you to evacuate the workforce and move the equipment in case of an emergency.
  2. Efficient technology- The most significant change in this industry will be the incorporation of technology that will enhance efficiency. For instance, smart contracts, construction drones, augmented reality (AR), and building information modeling (BIR) will be used more.
  3. Increasing demand for laborers- There is an increasing demand for quality labor, making them expensive and challenging to find. You will need educated workers who can manage and analyze the technology-produced data.
  4. Remote worksites and mobile access- Mobile applications will allow you to access your worksite anytime and anywhere. It includes on-site accountability, real-time inspections, and accurate measurements you can take from a mobile phone camera. You can even hold public meetings and manage your assets virtually. Therefore, you should strengthen the mobile connectivity of your business for increased growth of the company.
  5. Rising material costs- Post pandemic, the interest rates are constantly rising, resulting in increased costs of all goods. You will have to incorporate drones, BIM, and AR to fight these increasing costs. And while innovative technology and materials can increase the costs, ultimately, they will help you save money in the long run.
  6. Green building- Green construction refers to reduced carbon footprint and use of green resources. It has a higher value for the occupants and positively impacts the people. Most homeowners and tenants choose properties upholding green construction. It will get popular further as Ecotech and sustainable construction get more accessible.
  7. Modular and offsite construction- New technology enables modular and prefab construction and many international builders plan to invest more in prefab construction over on-site construction. They increase your ability to regulate employee safety and are an ideal choice if you want to follow social distancing.
  8. Construction management software- Construction management software can help you build a solid business and enhance your operational efficiency while maintaining a competitive edge. There are many software out there that differ in minute features. Make sure to choose the one that allows you to compile data, share files with teams, prepare a budget, manage payroll, monitor inventory, and store documents. Look for scalable software that Top 10 Construction Industry Trends to Watch in 2022matches your needs and is effective when the business expands.
  9. Focusing on residential projects- Several large commercial construction companies have announced that they will lower their investment in large public-private projects and focus on lower-risk projects.
  10. Smart cities- Most global tech companies are investing in building smart cities that are more interconnected and intricate. They have a significant impact on the economy, contribute to environmental health, and improve the infrastructure. However, it demands a lot of planning and development even before starting the project. But, surely, the global city market will expand over the years.

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